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September 29, 2006

My Gallery

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Hello and welcome to my Bonsai Tour of Japan – June 2005.

To Navigate this site – you can click the images on this page to visit the respective nurseries by area. You can also follow the links found on the top right side frame. 

I am looking for people to assist me with botanical descriptions of the trees pictured. If you are able to assist,  please post in the  comments area. Or if you enjoyed your stay, please take a moment to say hello




Pictorial Gallery – Nurseries by Locale

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Kyoto Nursery 1

Hiroichi Masumo - Kyoto

Kyoto Nursery 2

Kyoto Nursery 2

Takamatsu Bonsai PrefectureKinashi Locality Map & Locality Info

Stamp Map Kinashi

Kinashi Map Locale 2

Kinashi Nursery 2

Kinashi Map Locale 3

Kinashi Map Locale 3

Kinashi Map Locale 4

Kinashi 4

Kinashi Map Locale 5

Kinashi 5

Kinashi Map Locale 6

Matsuda Seisho-en

Kinashi Map Locale 7

Kinashi Nursery 7

Kinashi Map Locale 8

Kinashi Nursery 1


Kinashi Map Locale 9

Kinashi 9

Kinashi ?

Kinashi 9


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